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•   Tony Helms  4/7
•   Patti Hedrick (Daniels)  4/11
•   Mark Hollar  4/14
•   Ronnie Parker  4/14
•   Barbara Stewart (Deal)  4/15
•   Barbara Poovey (Burgin)  4/16
•   Sandy Hardesty (Beason)  4/22
•   Sheila Britt (Joyce)  4/23
•   Michael Young  4/24
•   Chris Holloway  4/25
•   Keith Simmons  4/28
•   Beth Richards (Renier)  4/30

Newton-Conover High School
Class Of 1977

Newton-Conover High School Alma Mater

(The School Song)

Faithful and ever loyal,

We will boost our dear old high,

Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring,

There is no time to grieve or cry,

It's ever onward, our course is rising,

Let defeat never stop our cool,

For united we will boost our dear old N-C High!

N-C High, N-C High, We all love N-C High!



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