Other N-C Grads in the News

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May 18, 2019

Danny Baker, little brother of Cynthia ('76) and Cathye ('78), is the NATIONAL School Resource Officer of the Year.  He works at Newton-Conover Middle School.  Previously, he was the North Carolina School Resource Officer of the Year.


May 16, 2019

Check page 3 of the O-N-E for some pictures of NCHS students

from 1979 and 1989.


May 14, 2019

Check this link to a hit by The Seventh of May (the Robinsons) from 1979.



March 10, 2019

Mary Stearns Canrobert writes about Lynn Deal Bobbitt (1969) and her work helping drug addicts in her column in today's Hickory Daily Record on page 4D.


February 17, 2019

Monroe Pannell, older brother of Robert Pannell (1976), was featured in Mary Stearns Canrobert's column.  Monroe is a bird watcher.


January 1, 2019

The NCHS Class of 1968 had its 50-year reunion on September 22, 2018 at Moretz Mills in Hickory.  Donnie Wilson, one of our social studies teacher-coaches, was there.  You will likely see others you know in the group picture.  They are featured on the bottom of Page A2 in the Hickory Daily Record.


October 16, 2018

Anne Abernethy Wepner ('74), big sister to Shuford Abernethy ('78), has opened Whisk and Barrel, a new restaurant in downtown Newton.  Anne was elected to a seat on the Newton City Council in 2017.  Check this link.


July 26, 2018

Johnathan Birchfield ('85), son of our teacher Ray Birchfield, will be performing at a homecoming concert at the Newton-Conover Auditorium on August 18, 2018. 

Please check this link.