Missing Classmates

This is only a partial list of our missing classmates.  There are many others not listed.  If you have information about any classmates who were with us between 1965 and 1977, please contact me (gregcranford@aol.com) or call 803-535-3749.

Some classmates on this list may be found on Facebook.

Thank You!






Lester Adkins
Charlene Barnes
JoAnn Blackburn (Banner)
Claudette Bolick
Barbara Gilbert
Nelda Hamby
Joel Kale
Keith Lail
Cindy Linebarger
Teresa Rinehardt
Barbara Sanar
Randy Savacool
David Stedman
Alfreda Summers
Pam Sweet (Deal)
Chris Thomasson
Vickie White
Della Williams (Fredrick)

Guest Members

Cleveland Cauthen
Gaye Ferguson (Talbert, 1976 Class Co…)